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Friday, May 23, 2014

Pancreatic Cancer, Set to be 2nd deadliest Cancer by 2030

Pancreatic Cancer, Set to be 2nd deadliest Cancer by 2030
By Scott Purdy           

Pancreatic Cancer is set to be the second deadliest cancer, ahead of breast, colorectal, and prostrate by 2030, only behind lung cancer. There are multiple reasons for Pancreatic cancer becoming the second deadliest. One of these reasons is an aging population, Pancreatic, like most cancers increases in people that are older so this makes perfect sense. Another reason for the increase in Pancreatic cancer is how doctors/scientists handle it. Current there is an underfunding of Pancreatic cancer research no to mention that it is already hard to detect early. The underfunding is due to it not being so common and it is hard to detect early because there are very few symptoms of it. Also the disease starts spreading very early so it is very hard to contain early aswell, this obviously leads to an increase in deaths for this cancer. It was also discovered that breast, prostrate, and lung cancer will remain where the are today so that will not be changed for they are the top 3 cancers diagnosis- wise. However there is a bright side to all of this, for due to a law passed in 2013 states that the U.S. National Cancer institute must put a renewed focus on improving the diagnosis and treatment of intractable cancers such as pancreatic and lung. Overall for most cancers the death rate is going down, but with the intractable nature and insufficient funding the rate will go up for pancreatic cancer.

            This is big when it comes to the real world for it means that people in general will have to check for pancreatic cancer more although it is virtually undetectable at the start and spreads quickly.  This means the generations to come including mine (I will be 32 in 2030) will have to deal with this cancer and just hope not to get it. This type of cancer hits everyone home due to the death of Steve Jobs, the owner of Apple, and must have raised a lot of awareness for pancreatic cancer although as of right now not much can be done. Hopefully the funding increases and the increase in Pancreatic cancer deaths will not be as big as expected for that will effect me directly for I will be old enough to be somewhat at risk.

            Overall I thought this article was very informative to me. It gave accurate reasons for why there will be an increase in Pancreatic cancer and was clear and understandable. I thought they could have added a little bit on why cancer in general is going down and more importantly I think they definitely could have added more about Steve Jobs’ death and how it affected the funding/research of pancreatic cancer. It was interesting how they did a little explanation of the other deadly cancers and reasons on why they went down.  Overall this is a really good and interesting article that may affect me in the future.

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