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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years

Gregory Mo
Block C - Davies

Global warming may seem to some people like just a little recycle symbol on your water bottle or some blue bins, but really global warming is a global event that is occurring as I write this. Everyday our environment becomes warmer and warmer and is at its warmest point today than it has been in the past four thousand years. It has been recently predicted that our earth is getting so warm that in the next few decades it will become the hottest temperature levels ever seen on earth. Unfortunately, even with the lowest possible human activity we could do, the temperature will still increase and be warmer than hottest time of the Holocene, or the modern geological era. Scientists like Shaun Marcott of Oregon State University and other earth scientists, have studied the global temperatures over the past nearly 10,000 years, nearly the whole Holocene  period. The climate change of earth is not all because of human as the temperature depends on the distribution of sunlight, the earths orbit and other events that have happened in the past and are out of our reach. However, we are definitely to blame for a portion of global warming. Interestingly, without humans the Northern Hemisphere probably would have frozen over in the next few thousand years but the large amounts of greenhouse gases from people might stop that. However, graphs of the climate change that scientists are studying show that the modern rise has recreated old temperatures and on the time scale, temperatures like in the Holocene time are expected to be felt again. Even though there are geological affects on global warming, humans still have their part. You should still recycle your bottles and take care to follow all of the rules we now have had hammered into us for years, such as walking when you can to avoid gas and using public transportation, because what you do, no matter how little for climate change, can still matter.
            Life is affected by global warming and how global temperatures are rising and are at their heights since thousands of years in the past is frightening. With high climate change comes struggle for life as plants and other types of species will be injured from the changes in temperature. Also mentioned in the article is how past climate changes have been steady and slow allowing different organisms to evolve and adjust to the new climates, but the new changes in temperature expected will be fast and put tension on numerous species including humans as we are a part of nature as well. Plants and animals we eat or use for food goods or other material might die out due to these severe changes in climate and ultimately there is no good to come out of these fast climate changes.
            I found the article to be fairly clear and concise which I praise. It is definitely hard for a scientist or someone who is familiar with a scientific study to put it into terms the every day person could understand as you need to put it into words that make sense and also make sure the topic makes sense. This article mostly did this well as I was able to follow along with the article and understand what it was talking abut but eventually the article moved too quickly and started jumping around with what it was talking about. An example of this is when it mentions the Northern Hemisphere and how it is destined to freeze over again, which seems like a very big topic someone could study for years and is just passed by in a few sentences. I feel like the author should have elaborated more on this as well as when the article mentioned at the end how life would be affected. I feel the biggest reason why most people would stop and read this article is because they know it will affect life and change our environment and this article really only mentions that as an afterthought which somewhat leaves the reader hanging.

Gillis, Justin. "Global Temperatures Highest in 4,000 Years." The New York Times. N.p., 7 Mar. 2013. Web. 12 Mar. 2013. <>.


  1. Zach Shively
    Biology H
    Current Event Blog Comment
    Global Temperatures by Greg Mo
    Overall Greg did a fantastic job explaining the article he read stated and then added in his own personal point of view to finish up his report. Specifically, I liked how he used gave the name of a real scientist studying global warming (Shaun Marcott of Oregon State University) rather than simply referring to the researchers as scientists. By giving the name it adds to the realism of his report. Furthermore, I loved that Greg found a way to connect with the scientists in saying, “It is definitely hard for a scientist or someone who is familiar with a scientific study to put it into terms the every day person could understand as you need to put it into words that make sense.” Though this does not fully relate to Greg’s main point, it gives the reader an interesting new point of view. Also his writing style and sentence structures made it a very enjoyable and stimulating piece of writing.
    The fact that the earth’s temperature is at its highest in four thousand years frightens me. Lets just say I am going to do a lot more walking after reading this piece. Even more frightening though, is the idea that earth will see even hotter temperatures in upcoming decades.
    To improve this report I would suggest that Greg did less analyzing and more presenting of facts. For example, when he explained how graphs showed temperatures will increase in the coming years, it would have been more interesting to see the graph or at least here the real statistics it presented.

  2. Nice work Greg. You're summarization and analysis were on point and you always backed up everything with your own point of view. Greg found a great way of connecting with the article, relating the inadequacies scientists face.
    On another note, the article is somewhat alarming. The fact that the earth's temperature is it's highest in the last four thousand years is probably not a good thing. It's also not a good thing that the temperature will continue to increase in further years.
    Improvement wise I don't see a need for much. Maybe a little less analysis and more summarization? If anything. Other than that I see nothing to change.

  3. This report was very good and one thing that I really liked about it was the way it started with a hook. This hook got me caught and made me want to keep reading your article. Also, I liked how you had a tone throughout the summary that worried me. Lastly, I thought that your analysis in this summary was great and it was interesting to read your ideas on this article.

    There were a couple things that I did not know that were really interesting to learn. The one that really jumped out to me was that the earth's temperature is the highest its been in the last four thousand years, which scares me for our future. Also, the fact that humans are not the sole contributor to global warming was new to me reading this summary and another one on the blog and that interested me and scared me as well.

    In general, I thought this report was very good, but I think you could've made it a little clearer when you were summarizing the article versus adding your own insight to it. It was a little unclear sometimes and it would be an easy fix if you just used a couple phrases such as in this article.

  4. Greg, I thought you did a great job writing your current event report. First off, I thought the way you opened your essay was very impressive. It really grabbed my attention, and made me actually want to continue to read it. Secondly, the way you wrote your essay, your tone, really made your essay a lot more interesting to read. Thirdly, it really seemed like you connected to your topic really well. It seemed as if you were really interested, and did further research connecting to your topic.
    I never knew the effect global warming is having on our world today. One fact that I was really impressed by, and did not realize, is our climate is at its warmest point today than it has been in the past four thousand years. Learning this fact worries me for our future, in the fact that it is still rising, and probably will be for a long time. That the hottest temperatures ever will be recorded on earth. Another fact that I found to be really interesting is that, without humans, the Northern Hemisphere probably would have frozen over in the next few thousand years but the large amounts of greenhouse gases from people might stop that.
    I really thought this was a great essay. I don’t think this needs much improvement. I really liked how it seemed you were really interested in your topic and gave great opinions.

  5. Bailie Jones

    Great job on your review greg. I thought it was very interesting and i learned a lot. First of all i thought your opening was very interesting. It hooked me right away and i wanted to keep reading. I also liked all the information you gave us in this article and how you combined fact form the article with some of your own opinions. One thing i think you could have improved was to summarize the article with a little more detail. Over all it was very interesting and i really enjoyed reading it.