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Monday, March 11, 2013

In Study, Past Decade Ranks Among Hottest

AIK, GAUTAM. "In Study, Past Decade Ranks Among Hottest -" The Wall Street Journal - Breaking News, Business, Financial and Economic News, World News & Video - Wall Street Journal - N.p., n.d. Web. 11 Mar. 2013. <>.

        This article discusses how new research has been found on the raising temperatures on earth. This research says that global temperature have been higher in the past decade than most of the 11,300 years. The purpose of this research is to give a global overview of the temperatures. The decade 2000-2009 had been the hottest, but it is believed if this research is correct that 2100 will the warmest that it has been in 11,300 years. With this reasearch scientists came across a certain question, "is the spike in global temperature recorded in the past 150 years unusual—the result of greenhouse-gas emissions from human activity—or can it be explained as part of natural, long-term variations in temperature?"For most scientists the answer to this question would be human activity. This new research will become part of the debate of rising temperatures. Not all reasearch can please all scientist speciffically Dr. Anderson, "It's a weakness to look at the world 11,000 years ago, because those were sunlight-driven changes and not CO2-driven changes," According to the article sunlight-related changes are gradual and vary across different parts of the globe while, greenhouse-gas emissions trigger warming everywhere.
        This is article is important to society because without new research people in our modern world today would not be as motivated to continue to help our environment. Anytime new research is found it should be taken seriously because people will become aware of the danger of these rising temperatures. Not only is the article important to society, I find it to be specifically important to me. The environment is a big interest of mine, and I always try to help the environment in anyway I can.
       I found this article to be intriguing, but one thing that I disliked about this article is that it did not go into specifics on how the research was collected. I find this to be an important factor to the reader because it would've given me an overall better understanding of what was going on.


  1. Gregory Mo 4/17/13
    This review was very well presented as it brought up the recent studies on global temperatures and how they are rising. I liked how you addressed really well how society will be affected by this new research and how research has really led to people becoming more involved in science and the world around them. You made a very good point how people today are more motivated to work to help the environment such as recycling possibly because of the new studies that have been conducted by scientists. In you review you did a very good job of summarizing a very complicated and interesting topic in terms that an every day person could do which is extremely hard to do when talking about science, as not everybody really studies science.
    Your review really clarified the article for me without making me have to reread the article several times to get what it is talking about. I also liked how you addressed both sides of the argument such as how scientists could say that both human activity and just natural causes have led to dramatic changes in global temperature. From this article and review I learned about the temperature spikes on earth in the past 150 years. We hear all the time that humans are damaging the environment and raising the temperature and this is a really solid piece of evidence proving that. I also learned how the sun is also leading to changes and how these gradual changes in temperature due to nature are changing the world differently in different places all over the globe. This review could have possibly been better if you talked about what people could do to maybe help out in the raising awareness and helping the rising temperature. Maybe every day advice for people so that they can help out.

  2. I thought that one reason this review was written very well was that it got straight to the point and summarized the article. It didn’t take you long to get into the summary of your article which made it more enjoyable and easier for me to read this review. Also, I liked how this review provided not only one side of the opinion about the cause for the temperature increase, but also both. It made it more interesting to read to see two different sets of opinion. Lastly, I think this review gave good facts about a current topic that made the review interesting throughout. Global warming worries me and as a reader seeing facts about global warming, I am drawn to read more about it.

    One of the things that I learned was that the 2000-2009 decade was the warmest in history. This fact scares me because I am worried that we are causing this and that if we don’t do something to stop it, we will be faced with serious global warming. Also, I learned that the sun changes all over the world and that this is a possible cause for the temperature increase over the past 150 years. This interested me because I always figured that we were causing global warming, but this gave me a little bit of doubt that we were the soul cause of it.

    I thought that this review was great, but I do think that there is one thing you could’ve done to make it even better. I think that you could’ve taken a side on what you believe is the cause for the temperature increase and explained why you had this point of you. I believe that would’ve created a greater sense of voice which would’ve made it more interesting to read as a writer.