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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

humanities poster

Emme Kerj
Poster was made by Nick Sutherland, year 10
                The humanities poster that Nick made was regarding whether a teacher’s ability of teaching affects the student or not. It also compared the different ways of teaching and the different types of teachers that are hired based on the school’s desired goals for the students. In his poster/presentation he discusses the different policies for controlling teaching methods and whether these policies have limitations or not. One teaching method that he explains is the “no child left behind”, which generally states that all students are tested by mandatory standardized tests and that the teacher is hired based on qualifications that is bachelors degree or supplemental teachers exam. The other method is “race to the top” which goal was that all students must be college ready by the end of high school and the teacher was hired based on qualifications and effectiveness regarding their performance in a classroom environment. It explains that statistics have proven that proof curriculums and standardized pedagogy are ineffective and that the education should be more individualized based on the student’s learning abilities. He explains what role a teacher has in a classroom and furthers the subject by saying that although a teacher is supposed to teach the class as a whole, they should be helping student’s on an individual level too in order to make sure that everyone learns the same knowledge but based on their own abilities.
                Overall, the presentation and poster did a great job explaining the subject and emphasizing the importance of individualized learning. One thing that he could have explained further was what affect teacher’s have on their students as a whole and in the long run. 

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