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Monday, April 22, 2013

Extreme Weather Rages Worldwide

Biology                                                                                                       Michael Crawford
Current Events 2                       4/23/13

            This article was about the extreme weather that has been present recently in the world. It talked about how lately; there has been extreme weather throughout the world. There has always been extreme weather, but until recently there has not been as much extreme weather seen at the same time. As Omar Baddour put it, “ Each year we have extreme weather, but it’s unusual to have so many extreme events around the world at once.” Examples of these extreme weather events are seen all over the world such as the constant flooding in Britain in the recent 2000’s. The flooding in Britain has been so bad that one pub owner had his pub flooded eleven times in just two months. Also, in Australia, bush fires have been seen all over and the heat wave came after two of the country’s wetter years, which is strange that they came right after one another. The article also mentions extreme weather patterns in Northern Europe, Siberia, China, South America, and the Middle East. One thing that it also explains is that extreme weather isn’t only growing in frequency but in intensity. Extreme weather is becoming more dangerous and has resulted in deaths throughout the world.

            The topic of this article affects humanity gravely and worries me as a human. The topic that it is related to, global warming, is one of the most controversial and important topics of science at this time. There is so much that is said about our dangerous environmental conditions and this article talks about some of these conditions that should worry humanity. These conditions could occur anywhere and for that reason they affect everyone.

            I thought that this article was mostly written very well and was very interesting. The article talked about a topic, which interests me as well as most readers and gave information that interested me as well. The extreme weather example such as the one in Britain were all very interesting to read because of their oddness and irregularity. One thing that I think this article could’ve done better was I think it could’ve offered a reason for this extreme weather pattern that is occurring. It talked a lot about the pattern, but didn’t really explain why such a thing would happen. Also, after explaining a possible reason why it was happening, I would’ve liked to see a suggestion for helping stop these events because I believe that it is very important too. However, overall I think this article was interesting and well worth the read!

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  1. Michael did a very good job on his current event report. He summarized the article he read very well and really got the main point the article was trying to make across. I got caught into this article because it sounded very interesting and Michael helped me understand the extreme weather that has been occurring around the globe. He also did a very good job talking about how it affects society and why this topic is important to everyone. I was impressed about the extreme weather because over a span of a decade you probably don't notice all of these weather patterns but scientists have. I did not even know there has been flooding in Britian to such a severe level. I was also impressed how the weather is actually very dangerous and has caused fatalities. This review was very good but it could have been improved if it mentioned maybe something scientists are trying to do to stop this weather or counter it, but other than that, A+ work.