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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Just Around the Corner

Katherine Segarra                                                                  October 10, 2012
Biology- Miss. Davies                                                                   Block C Odd

Kluger, Jeffrey. "Just Around the Corner." Editorial. Time 2012: 16-23. Print.
The article I read is called “Just Around the Corner” by Jeffrey Kluger. The article was talking about the recent discoveries that scientists have found in space involving the planets and their moons. Some of the planets and moons discussed are Mars, Europa, and Enceladus. The article talks about how there have been discoveries of water on, not only Mars, but on Jupiter’s moon Europa and Enceladus, Saturn’s moon. There is a belief that on Mars there are underground ice deposits that melt during the Martian summer and then solidify during its winter. This is believed because on Mars water is salty and salt lowers its freezing temperature. Also discussed is, on Europa, it is assumed that the moon contains a deep ocean of water just beneath its surface and that it is kept a liquid due to the gravitational pulsing that generates heat. Another point talked about is the discovery that Enceladus may possibly have water on the inside. The highly reflective surface suggests that fresh coverings of ice crystals are regularly deposited. Some other points are made in the article about some things that have just been discovered. In recent years people have noticed that the sun has been in an energetic phase and it has gone through a filament eruption, a major flare, and a coronal mass flume eject. This article is full of the very recent discoveries and observations that have happened in space from the past year to now. I would suggest this article to people who really have an interest in space and the planets.                                                                                                                                            
This article is important to me because I have always loved learning about planets and space. This article is important to society because every day new things are found in the universe and about our planets, and this could affect our lives. For example the sun and how its going through its energetic phase, this could have something to do with the raise in temperatures. I chose this article because space has always fascinated me and I find it interesting that many new discoveries are being made about the universe. For example the new moon that was found next to Pluto. I find that really fascinating because it means the new planets and moons could be forming or just starting to become noticeable to us.                                                                          
I enjoyed reading the article a lot and I found it very interesting. There were some points that I was confused because the author wouldn’t explain something very well. In paragraph 7, I felt that the author was just talking not really expanding on what he was talking about. One thing that I really liked about the article was all the pictures that were shown. This helped me to understand what was being talked about. Besides the few minor things that didn’t help the article, I found it very interesting and insightful to what is going on out in space.

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