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Monday, September 24, 2012

Current Events

Meghan Mitchell                                                                                         9/24/12
            The article starts out talking about how many animals, such as deer and bears, are having trouble finding food. Bears have become the biggest problem as they come to campsites and mountain towns in search of food. Sheriff Bill Masters of San Miguel County in southwest Colorado describes the situation as, “My god they’re everywhere. A lot of them just don’t seem to care anymore.” Many bears have even come into homes in their search for food, climbing through windows or open doors. But the problem isn’t only in Colorado but stretches to Montana, Kentucky and parts of the Appalachians. The shortage in food is due to the drought that has impacted around 63% of the country, a number that hasn’t been that high since 1934. And with fall coming, the bears are going to have to eat even more to prepare for hibernating.
            This problem of drought, which connects to global warming, affects humanity greatly. The people in the area with this problem have had to adapt and change with the environment. Global warming is becoming a factor in everyone’s lives as it becomes more discussed. Also, the problem with animals becoming comfortable in our society is becoming a bigger issue. People in areas such as Colorado have to be aware of their surroundings more and make an effort to save these animals that don’t have enough food.      
              I thought the article was good. It had many facts and didn’t go too in detail about anything. Also, this article was very easy to understand and was to the point. I liked how there were charts on the left-hand side having to do with drought and the visual was really useful. I didn’t like how the article ended however. It didn’t really have a strong conclusion or any closure. Overall, the rest of the article made up for this and it was really well written.

Article- Healy, Jack. "Their Food Scarce from Drought, Animals Dine in Town Dine." New YorkTimes; 6 Sept. 2012.Web.<

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  1. The review of the article "their food scarce from Drought, Animals Dine in Town Dine" by Meghan Mitchell is a great summery about how many bears in Colorado can't find food so they come into towns and search for something to eat. I like how Meghan stats the problem early on in the article and comes back to it but add on every time. I also like all the quote she has about the sheriff. there were some good facts in there like "The shortage in food is due to the drought that has impacted around 63% of the country, a number that hasn’t been that high since 1934." However I wished there were more facts and quotes so i can learn more on the subject. Meghan has an interesting article and strong tone as a writer but i found the article a little short and it didn't talk about the global warming. overall I thought it was a very good article but if i had to fix one thing it would have the title of the article at the top so the reader knows what he/she is reading